About Me.


My name is Amy. You might know me from this documentary that I made in 2015. I grew up in Los Angeles. I now live in the bay area. I work in tech, which I don’t feel great about, and I perform drag, which I do feel great about.

A few things I’ve written about include depression, growing up poor with abusive Chinese American parents, street harassment, being queer, and travel. I am not who I used to be. And I’ve come along way.

Why did I choose the blog name, “the people we used to know?” I find living in this era extremely interesting because the internet and social media means that there’s often not a “true goodbye” that you say to someone. Data and info gets shared so easily. You can kick someone out of your life and still easily see what they do on Friday nights via SnapChat. After the death of my friend, whose passing I only found out about through Facebook, I’ve started to think about social media and the legacy that we leave behind.

So this blog is for people who want to read my thoughts, who want to get to know me better. I talk about people. I talk about myself. Perhaps they are people you know. Perhaps you used to know me. In this little corner of nostalgia, all that choose to silent lurk are welcome.


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